EDUsummIT'17 Thematic Working Groups

Each thematic working group (TWG) will focus on a topic to be presented at EDUsummIT 2017.

Thematic working group Leaders
TWG1: Education systems in the digital age: The need for alignment

Deirdre Butler (Ireland),
Peter Twining (United Kingdom), 
Margaret Leahy (Ireland)

TWG2: Informal learning with technology Kwok Wing Lai (New Zealand),
Cathy Lewin (United Kingdom)
TWG3: Professional development for technology-enhanced Learning leaders  Rhonda Christensen (USA),
Koos Eichhorn (The Netherlands)
TWG4: Digital agency to empower equity in the classroom Miri Schönfield (Israel),
Don Passey (United Kingdom)
TWG5: Formative assessment supported by technology Mary Webb (United Kingdom),
Dirk Ifenthaler (Germany)
TWG6: Developing creativity in teachers and learners Dana Henriksen (USA),
Michael Henderson (Australia)
TWG7: Learning from national policy experiences Birgit Eickelmann (Germany),
David Gibson (Australia)
TWG8: Upbringing in a digital world: Opportunities and Possibilities of schooling Ola Erstad (Norway),
Alona Forkosh-Baruch (Israel)
TWG9: Sustainability and scalability in research approaches Dale Niederhauser (USA),
Punya Mishra (USA)