9th International Conference The Future of Education, Florence, Italy.

Friday, May 21, 2021

S.Denchev, T.Trencheva, M. Nikolova, S. Dimitrova Generative Model for Cyber Ethical Issues in Education

E.Zdravkova, T.Trencheva Media Literacy and Higher Education in Epidemical Aspect: A Short Overview

A.Stefanov, I Ivanov, I.Trenchev, R.Stoev, M. Trencheva Usage of Mathematical Models for Cybersecurity Analysis

I.Trenchev, D.Stoykov, M.Traykov, A.Stefanov, M.Trencheva. I.Ivanov Create 3d Models by Explicitly Describing and Moving the Virtual Camera Using EEG Signals

M. Zahariev Privacy Challenges when Implementing New Technologies in Education

I. Peteva, D.Stoyanova, T.Valchev New Learning Models and Modern Educational Trends for the Future of Education


Florence, Italy
41° 49' 11.6508" N, 12° 29' 6.4032" E