EDUsummIT'15, Bangkok, September 14-15, 2015

Under the theme TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED QUALITY LEARNING FOR ALL the main goal of EDUsummIT 2015 was to define joint strategies at national, regional and international levels to address successfully the challenges educational systems face in a digital and networked world.

Participants: assoc. prof. Eugenia Kovatcheva and assoc. prof. Tereza Tencheva presented our university. 


Winner of the International UNECO IITE Competition

Oleg Konstantinov was a representaive of our UNESCO chair on the V International Conference UNESCO Chairs Partnership on ICTs use in Education 1 – 5 June, 2015 in St.-Petersburg, Russian Federationon board of the cruise-ship Mikhail Sholokhov within theXVI International Forum Modern information society formation - problems, perspectives, innovation approaches