EDULEARN19: 11th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies

Monday, July 1, 2019 to Wednesday, July 3, 2019

E. Kovatcheva, M. Koleva - UX Learning Design in Nugget Education

E. Kovatcheva, W. Dimitrov, M. Koleva, I. Kostadinova, I. Getova - Competency in Nuggets for Cyber Security Trainings

E. Kovatcheva, J.A. Campos, J.L. Del Val Roman, G.P. Dimitrov, P. Petrova - Design Thinking in Higher Education

L. Parijkova Bulgarian Parents’ Viewpoints on Digital Devices in Child of Today Life. Research of Children’s Habits of Digital Technology Usage

L. Parijkova Research of the Challenges of Reading in the Digital Era

T. Trencheva, S. Dimitrova Comparative Study Of The Bulgarian Open Access Journals In Doaj For The Period 2002-2018

T. Trencheva, E. Zdravkova Intellectual Property Management In Digitization And Digital Preservation Of Cultural Heritage

M.S. Nikolova, S. Vasileva, S. Stancheva, V. Nikolova -The Experience Of The University Of Library Studies And Information Technologies With The Expansion Of The University Education In The Sphere Of Cultural Heritage By Studying Local Cultural Policies


Palma de Mallorca, Spain