TWG8: Upbringing in a digital world: Opportunities and Possibilities of schooling

Ola Erstad is Professor/Head of the Department of Education, University of Oslo, Norway. He has been working both within the fields of media and educational research. He has published on issues of technology and education, especially on ‘media literacy’ and ‘digital competence’, and on formal and informal learning. He has been leading several research projects and is part of several international networks and committees.  


Alona Forkosh-Baruch, Ph.D., is a senior faculty member at Levinsky College of education and a researcher at Tel Aviv University School of Education. Her numerous academic papers, books and book chapters focus on systemic and pedagogical aspects of ICT in K12 and HE, innovative pedagogy and entrepreneurship, social media and ICT in teacher education, among others. Her expertise is recognized nationally and internationally, in national and international research networks, consortia and international expert summits.