TWG1: Education systems in the digital age: The need for alignment

Group leaders: Deirdre Butler (Ireland), Peter Twining (United Kingdom), Margaret Leahy (Ireland)


Peter Twining is Professor of Education (Futures) at the Open University (UK).

Peter was a primary school teacher, initial teacher educator, Head of Department of Education at the Open University, Co-Director of the Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology, and Co-Editor in Chief of Computers & Education. He directed Vital, a £9.4million programme to help teachers make even better use of digital technology.

Peter’s career has focused on issues to do with the purposes of education, the management of educational change, and enhancing education systems, informed by understandings of learning and the potentials of digital technology.

Useful links: NP3EdFutures.netThe Schome Initiative

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Margaret Leahy is a lecturer at the School of STEM, Innovation & Global Studies at the Institute of Education, Dublin City University, Ireland. She has extensive experience in the theory and practice of digital learning, the design and development of models professional learning programmes for teachers and has been involved in a range of school based innovations/research projects, all of which focus on ways digital technologies can be used to create more powerful  learning environments.