Continuing training designed and development under the Erasmus+ project

Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Design thinking for digital innovation – DigiThink: 2016-1-BG01-KA203-023719 – Assoc. Prof. Eugenia Kovatcheva, PhD
  • Comics in education for pupis and teacher training - Assoc. Prof. Eugenia Kovatcheva, Assist. Prof. Oleg KonstantinovCOMMIX: 2016-1-BG01-KA201-023657
  • Training in Cybersecurity Risk modules under the RedCyberSG: REDucing the CYBERsecurity Management Skills Gap in SMEs 2018-1-LV01-KA202-046987 - Coordinator - Assoc. Prof. E. Kovatcheva:
    • Identify the Market and Compliance with Cybersecurity Laws and Legislations
    • Identifying the cybersecurity risks
    • Analyzing cybersecurity risks in SMEs
    • Prioritizing the cybersecurity risks
    • Responding to cybersecurity risks
    • Monitoring the cybersecurity risks – ULSIT is responsible for this module main developer Assistant Svetlana Siarova

eLearning courses for education and trainings:

  • for qualification of library professionals - Bachelor and MSc Courses :
    • Digital Libraries, BSc Program on Computer Science;
    • Globalization of the Educational and Research Environment, BSc Program on Library and Information Management;
    • Qualification courses for librarians: Management, Marketing, Project management
    • Assistant in marketing activities,
    • Management of cultural and educational organizations Coordinator Prof. DSc Ivanka Yankova, Director and lecturer at Center for vocational training at ULSIT
  • for qualification of IT professionals Bachelor and MSc Courses:
    • Information Management, BSc Programs (Assoc. Prof. E.Kovatcheva) on:
      • Library and Information Management;
      • Information Technologies for Judicial Administration;
      • Information Security;
    • UX design (Assoc. Prof. E.Kovatcheva)
    • Innovation Management (Assoc. Prof. E.Kovatcheva)