ICERI2019: 12th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation

Monday, November 11, 2019 to Wednesday, November 13, 2019

E. Kovatcheva - Tuning Students Ideas in UX Design Course

A. Consoli, E. Kovatcheva - Cybersecurity Training for SME: Filling the Gap or Corporate Strategy?

I. Ivanov, V. Totev, I. Kostadinova Opening A New Speciality In A University - An Operational Estimate

L. Parijkova A Comparison of the Views and the Expectations of Parents, Students and Teachers Regarding Digital Technologies and the Formation of Digital Literacy

P. Zlatkova, G. Angelova The Bulgarian Libraries And Their Experience In Digitizing Rare Books And Special Collections

S. Denchev, H. Bogova Fake News And Its Impact On University Educational Process

S. Dimitrova Distance Learning In Bulgarian Universities – Step Forward In The Modern Education

S. Eftimova Challenges In The Work Of Specialists In Different Spheres Of Knowledge For The Creation Of Contemporary Information Products

S. Eftimova, E. Tsvetkova, D. Stoyanova Research Work And Practical Training Of Students – Opportunities And Reality

T. Trencheva Integrating Of Intellectual Property Training In Library And Information Science: Ulsit’s Formal Educational Model

T. Trencheva, E. Zdravkova The Necessity Of Intellectual Property Training In The Media Industry: Survey Results From Practice

T. Trencheva, S. Dimitrova Education In Intellectual Property In Universities Information Environment In Bulgaria


Seville, Spain