APInno - Action Project for Innovation

2015 to 2016
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Erasmus+ K2: Project APInno: APInno - Action Project for Innovation, № 2014-1-BG01-KA203-001561, 2015-2016

The APInno aims at fostering the collaboration between business and universities as one key issue to be targeted by developing an innovative approach and methodology for teaching one of the under-exploited concepts - Innovation Management (IM). The concept of Innovation management is still a key challenge. Although serious initiatives have been undertaken over the past few years, such as a new family of standards on innovation management CEN TS 16555, IMP3rove, ECQA certification - as key ones- it still remains underexploited in Europe.




State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies - Coordinator, Bulgaria
Knowledge, Innovation and Strategies Management, Bulgaria
ANFI Ventures, Italy
JODA Training, UK
Middlesex University, UK

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Erasmus +
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