Tania Todorova

Name and title: 
Professor Tania Todorova, PhD

Tania Todorova research interests are in the field of: Library Management, Copyright and Libraries; Public Relations; ICT in Library and Information Sciences and Humanity; Digitalization; Project Management etc. She is an author of 3 monographies, 1 Texbook, 7 collections and more than 40 articles Library and Information Management, Copyright and Libraries, Public Relations, Project Management, Library and Information Science Education.


Education and training: 

Tania Todorova graduated in Librarianship and Bibliography (B.A.) and Bulgarian Philology (M.A.). She is a Ph.D. in Book Science, Librarianship and Bibliography.


Work experience: 

Tania Todorova is a Professor at the State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, (SULSIT), Sofia,Bulgaria. She is a Head of Library Management Department and Deputy Head of UNESCO Interfaculty Chair ‘ICT in Library Studies, Education and Cultural Heritage’. 

Tania Todorova is a Member of the Forum UNESCO (FUUH); Informing Science Institute; Union of Scientists in Bulgaria; Association of university libraries, Bulgarian Library and Information Association. She is a member of Programme and Scientific Committees and peer reviewer of many international conferences in the field of library and information science such as ECIL, QQML, IMCW, InSite Conferences, BOBCATSSS etc. Member of the Editorial Board and reviewer for International Journal of Library and Information Science (IJLIS, OAJ, ISSN : 2141-2537) and for Evidence Based Libraries and Information Practices (EBLIP) University of Alberta, Canada.



Tania Todorova has been involved as manager and coordinator in more than 15 national and international projects. She is a Project Manager of the EU-ERASMUS IP Library, Information and Cultural Management – Academic Summer School (IPLibCMASS) (2011-2013) and on the scientific project with international participation "Copyright Policies of libraries and other cultural institutions” (2012-2016), funded by the National Science Fund of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science.

  • 2012 – up to now. Project Manager of the Scientific project with international participation Copyright Policy of Libraries and Other Cultural Institutions’, funded by National Science Fund of Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science (Contract) DFNI-K01/0002-21.11.2012). The Survey on "Copyright Literacy of specialists from libraries and other cultural institutions" was conducted in Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey (July – October 2013), in France (January-March 2014), in Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom and USA (July-December 2014), in India (start at July 2015), in Brasil (October 2015).

  • 2011 – 2013 Project Manager of Erasmus IP Library, Information and Cultural Management – Academic Summer School (PLibCMASS). Partners: SULSIT (Sofia), Hacettepe University in Ankara (Turkey), University of Zagreb (Croatia), University Paris Descartes (France) and University of Szeget (Hungary). Awarded on the first place and received Certificate for overall quality performance between all projects, realized in Bulgaria in 2012, as part of the European program for education and training "Lifelong Learning".
  • Todorova, Tania. Integration Processes in Library and Information Sphere. Sofia: Za bukvite-O pismeneh, 2014, 278 p. ISBN 978-619-185-120-1 [Bulgarian]
  • Todorova, Tania. Project Management in Library and Information Sector. Sofia: Za bukvite-O pismeneh, 2014, 230 p. ISBN 978-619-185-089-1 [Bulgarian]
  • Todorova, T. The Journal “Bulgarski Knizici” (1858 – 1862) on the verge of a New Epoch (with analytical digital database on CD). Sofia, Za bukvite – O pismeneh, 2010, 308 p. (+ CD-ROM). (136 MB) [Bulgarian]
  • Todorova, T. Library Policies. Sofia, Avangard Prima, 2010, 191 p. [Bulgarian]
  • Library, Information and Cultural Heritage Management: Textbook. Compl. by Tania Todorova. Sofia: Za bukvite-O pismeneh, 2012, 246 p.

Selected Papers

  • Saunders, L.; Kurbanoglu, S.; Wilkins Jordan, Mary; Boustany, J.; Todorova, T. & al. Culture and Competencies: A Multi-Country Examination of Reference Service Competencies. In: Libri. International Journal of Libraries and Information Services, 2013; 63(1): 33−46. [The paper received ACRL/NEC Best Paper Award 2013]
  • Todorova, Tania, T. Trencheva, S. Kurbanoğlu, G. Doğan, Aleksandra Horvat & Joumana Boustany. A Multinational Study on Copyright Literacy Competencies of LIS Professionals. // European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL), 20-23 October 2014, Revised Selected Papers. Eds. by S. Kurbanoğlu et al. Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2014, pp. 138-148. - (Communication in Computer and Information Science, Vol. 492).
  • Trencheva, T, Todorova, T. Open Access to Scientific Information: Comparative study in DOAJ. // 16th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations, 23-26th September 2013, Hong Kong, China. In: Library Management Journal, Еmerald, Vol. 35, 4/5.
  • Todorova, T. & T. Trencheva. (2014). Copyright Literacy in Memory Institutions: Findings from scientific research project in Bulgaria. In: Proceedings of the 3th International Conference on New Perspectives in Science Education (pp. 169-172). Florence: PIXEL.
  • Todorova, T., Peteva, I. Information Literacy Competency of LIS students in SULSIT with a Special Focus on Intellectual Property. // Worldwide Commonalites and Challenges in Information Literacy Research and Practice : European Conference on Information Literacy, ECIL 2013. Istanbul, Oct. 22-25, 2013, Revised Selected Papers. Eds. by S. Kurbanoğlu et al. Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2013, XXIV, p. 610 - 617. - (Communication in Computer and Information Science, Vol. 397)
  • Krasteva, R., T. Trencheva, S. Eftimova, T. Todorova. Academic Education in Library and Information Management in Bulgaria. // Open Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 2, № 8, 2014, p. 160-171. http://www.scirp.org/jss/