International Conference INNOVATION – CREATING THE FUTURE!

понеделник, November 21, 2016

APInno - Action Project for Innovation Erasmus+ Project № 2014-1-BG01-KA203-001561

The APInno aimed at fostering the collaboration between business and universities as one key issue to be targeted by developing an innovative approach and methodology for teaching one of the under-exploited concepts - Innovation Management (IM). The concept of Innovation management is still a key challenge.

Although serious initiatives have been undertaken over the past few years, such as a new family of standards on innovation management CEN TS 16555, IMP3rove, ECQA certification - as key ones - it still remains underexploited in Europe. Business leaders agree on what is holding Europe back: high labour costs, excessive regulation and a lack of a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. 62% of respondents in a survey done by INSEAD say the problem is the lack of a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. (INSEAD, 2013). It is inarguable that Innovation is and will be the way for businesses to achieve economic success and organic growth, and to achieve it companies will have the need to develop new skills and knowledge - such as a far deeper understanding of customer and stakeholders' needs and expectations, the ability to collaborate, to create social value, etc. It is crucial to create and sustain long-term competitiveness and economic value especially of SMEs. There is no doubt about its relevance from an economic perspective.

However, today's innovation landscape challenges traditional models of innovation and value creation: the shift towards a service-dominated and global economy requires managers to rethink their approach and capacity for innovation. Thus, the project created a path for business and students from different study fields to join forces and work together at a strategic level within business, while creating paths for future growth.

The project was based on cross-functional and cross-disciplinary approach making the final outcomes relevant and adaptable to a wide variety of qualifications and degrees engaging student teams, teachers, researchers and managers in innovation projects with clear market goals.


Key note speakers:

  • Prof Andy Penaluna, University of Wales - Making distinctions in student performance: Are you evaluating Implementation or evaluating Innovation
  • Dr Zuleika Bevan, Middlesex University - A punk approach to creative enterprise pedagogy
  • Eduardo Díaz , Мadri+d - Science & Technology based Entrepreneurship: The experience of madri+d


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